Terms And Conditions

Deposit, Refund and Cancellation Policy

A deposit or credit card details are required to confirm a booking. Due to the difficulty in re-booking rooms at short notice, the following cancellation policy applies. The full tariff for 1 day is payable if the stay is cancelled within 7 days of the stay. Where clients cancel on the first day of the stay or do not arrive without notice, no refunds will be provided for up to 7 days of the stay booked. For long stays (2 or more days), where a cancellation is made in the 8 weeks prior to the stay, a fee may be applied up to 2 days tariff. Cancellation fees exclude any meal component not taken ie this component will be refunded less any fees or costs we incur.

Clients will be advised at the time of booking if the conditions differ to the norm mentioned above.

Refunds outside this policy are at the discretion of Hamlet Downs Country Accommodation and subject to relevant laws. Refunds will be net of any costs, fees and charges incurred by Hamlet Downs, its agents or booking representatives in respect of the booking or refund. Some associated web sites, endorsed by Hamlet Downs, may have cancellation policies that differ to the above. Their policies apply if bookings are made via those relevant web sites.